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The Vorley Family at Carlton United Kingdom

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The Rev Charles Vorley's Church (meeting House) at Carlton in Bedfordshire, England. To the bottom right of the photograph Lyn Vorley is standing with a long distant cousin (of the Vorley family) and the cousin's husband. The cousin had a text book hand written by a parishioner, which, among other things about Carlton, described the Rev Charles Vorley's ministry at Carlton.  Following is a direct transcription from the text book the "?" are where it was not possibly interpret the word.  Unfortunately some of the "?" as always are quite important for traceability purposes e.g. The Church at ?

"......... as their principal agent in that county West having resigned his office, The Church of ? at Carlton sent for Mr Charles Vorley of Irthlingborough.

Came on Dec 25th 1793 and this man was evident director of the Lord to Carlton and a long season of usefulness was before him saw the blessing of God attending his feeble efforts and being repeatedly particular by the people became their pastor. Was with fear and trembling that he accepted the post and was settled among them on June 7 1796.

Mr Vorley was a member of the old Baptist Church Irthlingborough prior to coming to Carlton ? and ordained in the pastoral office over the Baptist church at Carlton on June 7th 1796.

Grendon of Sharnbrook, Mr Hall of Runce and Emery of Little Slaughton took part in the service the day.

Mr Vorley's ministry was consistent and continues for a period of 41 years, the pastorate is a second one since the inception of the Church.

150 members were added during his ministry.

Peace, Unity and Prosperity was enjoyed by the Church. In the year 1824 Mr Tandy a member of the Church was set apart for the work of the ministry on May 31 1826 his ordination took place at Great Gidding in the year 1834. Mr Thomas Roberson was appointed to the work of the ministry who was afterwards ordained When Mr Vorley has been at Carlton 11 years Mrs Vorley commences a Sunday school in her kitchen only 3 attended at first then it increased some what Mrs John Wells of Carlton said Mrs Vorley paid Mrs Wooding 1/- (one shilling) per week to assist in the teaching. Mrs Wells was the granddaughter of Mr Vorley (1). The school was now passed it's 128th anniversary how small it still consists.

Some of Mr Vorley's great grandchildren now live in the house where he lived and where the school was ? these were several names at ? Carlton some where members when Mr Vorley came other joined after he had settled as pastor. Mrs Francis Belliery a granddaughter of John Bunyan dies while Mr Vorley was at Carlton she was generally attached to her Minister and also a jealous friend to the Baptist church.

She presented her Minister with a residence also at her death a sum of money was left to him, also articles of furniture (2).

After a long and successful ministry he fell asleep in Jesus.

A tablet was erected to his memory in the meeting on the right-hand side of the pulpit which read as follows.

"Sacred to the Memory of the Rev. Charles Vorley 41 years the beloved Pastor of this Church, who died October 23a, 1837, Aged 70. He was a man of strong native talent, Cultivated by reading and meditation: of Primitive simplicity of manners, eminent in prayer, doing the work of an evangelist, living above the world, a frequent and faithful preacher of the gospel; his end was in peace, resting on the rock of ages for eternal life. "His hand, the good man fastens on the skies And bids earth roll, nor heeds her idle whirl.""

This quotation appears to be an extract from EDWARD YOUNG’S NIGHT THOUGHTS - Part 1: The First, Second, Third, and Fourth Nights - THE CHRISTIAN TRIUMPH: CONTAINING OUR ONLY CURE FOR THE FEAR OF DEATH; AND PROPER SENTIMENTS OF HEART ON THAT INESTIMABLE BLESSING  - paragraph 410. The work, published in instalments from 1742–1744.

For 2 years after Mr Vorley's death the Church was served with various minister and in the year of 1839 Mr G Hall of Newport Pagnell was recognised as pastor 11 ministers taking part in his ordination service................"

Opposite is Geoff Vorley (in the Pulpit in the centre of the Church), the Pulpit probably hasn't seen a Vorley in it for possibly some hundred and fifty years.

The tablet is to the right of this pulpit and stands about metre and a half high. They must have thought something of the Reverend. Clearly the parishioners were a good judge of character.

Below is a link to the Vorley's from Carlton's family tree it is password protected and access is by invitation only.


1. This is confusing, as it is unclear as to which Mr Vorley is referred to and there is no John Wells in the Family tree.

2. One of these items is believed to be a small wooden box which is on display in the Bunyan Museum Bedford

For further details regarding the Vorley Genealogy - this site is password protected and access is by invitation only Vorley family tree since 1765 to date.



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